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I suffered from CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia. I had been having severe pain from Plantar Fasciitis. My feet were hurting so badly, I could barely walk. I was scheduled for surgery on a Friday. My husband was begging me to try a different route instead of surgery. He suggested I see Maria at Sana, due to his success with acupuncture. As a last resort, I called on a Monday. Maria was able to have me come in that day. She took a complete medical history on me. She then needled where she needed to for my feet, as that was the most pressing issue at the time. I was SHOCKED. After my first session, I came home and canceled my surgery appointment for that Friday. I was able to walk with very little pain. It was amazing. I currently go twice a week. Maria is working on all of my other issues (insulin resistance, liver disease, IBS, CFS/ME, fibro) and I am learning so much about my body and what works with it and what does not. Maria is understanding, caring, and very professional. The atmosphere is very relaxing and clean. I tell everyone I know about Sana and how it has helped me so much. Thanks Maria!

Jennifer, Westfield NJ


I had been in an accident in early 2015 and had a concussion and nerve damage in my neck. I was out of work for four months and was going to physical therapy three times a week. Once I went back to work, I still suffered from neck and back pain and excruciating headaches by days end. I had come off of all of my medication due to the side effects. I felt that I was at a loss, and this is the way my life was going to be from now on, daily headaches and neck pain. My wife had heard about Sana and we decided that it could be worth a try. Maria made me feel very comfortable. She took a complete and thorough history. I went weekly for 8 weeks. I was needled and cupped in the areas that caused the most pain for me. She was very informative about what she was doing and answered any questions I had. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt! My headaches slowly went away, and my neck and back pain were almost non-existent. I decided to continue for another 8 weeks. To date, I am symptom free! Maria has changed my quality of life back to what it used to be before the accident. I still go once a month to maintain this feeling. I recommend Sana to everyone! Thank you Maria!

Erwin, Westfield NJ

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